Website Accessibility Policy


The Niwot Sanitation District Board of Directors approved this accessibility policy on May 10, 2024.

Niwot Sanitation District is dedicated to ensuring that the public has access to our channels of communication. As part of this commitment, Niwot Sanitation District has a policy of providing an accessible website in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards, as required by Colorado law. The website's features are coded to ensure individuals with vision and other impairments can understand and use the website as easily as someone without disabilities. We welcome feedback and commit to resolving issues promptly if they arise. 

If you need help, contact our Compliance Officer here. Or, call our office at 303-652-2525.

Ongoing Compliance Information
Compliance Officer

Niwot Sanitation District has named Michele Funk its Compliance Officer. She focuses on accommodations for website accessibility. The Compliance Officer has received training in website accessibility. They update the site in line with those best practices. Click here to contact our Compliance Officer to report an issue or to receive an accommodation.

Compliance Procedures and Reports

Niwot Sanitation District regularly scans its website to ensure ongoing compliance. We quickly fix any inaccessible content found and also test with users who have a wide range of disabilities every year. We code the website to WCAG standards. In our ongoing commitment to transparency, we will make the reports available to the public.

Linked Documents and Third Parties

We commit to providing accessible content. We are now reviewing our software providers and third-party vendors. We want to ensure they follow our standards across our whole network. This site may link to third-party websites, such as state or federal agencies. They may not have accessible content. We are improving our website now. We're happy to help any member of the public with reading and accessing our site.

Do you see an opportunity for us to improve? Please click here to contact our Compliance Officer or call us at 303-652-2525.

Report an Accessibility Issue

We are committed to ensuring that you have access to all content. The Compliance Officer or their designee will deal with issues and handle requests for accommodation. Requests or reports submitted via the form below will be responded to within two business days.


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